Repair Service Type Price in UAH
  Diagnostic 1-4 days free 
  Fast Diagnostic (same day) 100 
  Laptop Cleaning:  cooling system cleaning, thermal greese and pads replacement 250 
  Motherboard repair:
  Replace DC Input Jack, USB connectors and other motherboard jack from 450 
  BIOS flashing from 500 
  Motherboard repair without BGA elements replacement 1000-1200 
  Repair motherboard after liquid damage from 1000 
  Repair motherboard after unsuccessful attempts to repair from 1000 
  Sought bridge FCH or PCH chip replacement 1800-2000 
  North bridge replacement 1900-2000 
  BGA video chip replacement from 2500 
  BGA CPU chip replacement from 2900 
  Laptop parts replacing:
  Keyboard replacemet (without laptop disassembling) from 400 
  Laptop Fan or Cooling system replacement from 500 
  Replace LCD lamp, LCD cable, hinges etc. 500-600 
  LCD Screen replacement from 1750 
  Other repairs:
  DC charging cable replacing   150 
  Repair laptop case, fasteners and hinges of screen, LCD cable, etc. from 400 


 3 - 6 months Warranty!